Who we are?

We were personally involved in a number of diverse assignments conducted by the MC Trades. We were struck by MC Trades professionalism & distinctive quality. We could think of no one better than Choice for our other assignments addressing our business needs. Our assistance goes beyond the fulfilment of the ‘service’ and constantly seeks to find ways of how to add ‘value’ in whatever we do..

why MCT?

MC Traders is a global company with many investors and entrepreneurs all over the world.

Already developed by a team of professionals

It also helps many investors make money from trading companies in various places around the world with the trading platform

Its like Base Metal, Bullions,Naturals, Currencies, Crypto Currencies etc.

Even if you do not have experience in this market,it is an opportunity to earn profits automatically and gain a lot of growth..


Investors all round global

Companies gather strength

Worldwide platforms has been made.

Strong on Forex, Crypto Trading and

mining solutions around the world.

  • 19

    Top Trading Professionals
  • 1100

    Ready to register in Asia
  • 2000

    Ready to register Worldwide Leaders
  • 7

    Country opening at the same moment
  • 17,000

    It is the company that installed the mining equipment all over the world.
Why do entrepreneurs and investors create a network of businesses that can earn money?

We’ve created an infrastructure project to get a database around the world.There are also many projects, but the most important part of them is the database,because in 3 years they will begin their own exchanges all over the world


From Monday to Friday you will earn from your investment from 0.5% up to 2.5% for one year trading days.

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Trade Brokerage

The referral allowance will be 10% of the amount invest..

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Receive 6-10% on your Team

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Any registered member who referred directly with a reward of 1500$ and above matching both side will be eligible for Royal plan.

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Starting from December 1st to 31st.15,000$ direct investment the person will win a Thailand trip. OR 10,000$ matching will win a Thailand trip

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Our Mission is to deliver true results for your impressive investments.

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are you looking for unlimited income?

We always try to provide you our best business consulting service.

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My Club Trader has setforth a unique hedge fund which allows anyone to participate in all aspect of systematic and diversified investment including digital assets, in-house blockchain based companies, cryptocurrency mining and innovative startups along with trading of prudently selected Commodities, Shares, Equities, Indices and major Currencies including Cryptocurrencies.

My Club Trader is the first hedge fund of its kind which allows for a truly decentralized voting on new investments by My Club Trader investors and gives their choice major part of the overall weight towards the investment decision. The other part is allocated to the choice made by our fund managers. Further, we enlarge the investment funnel by tapping into the combined knowledge of the My Club Trader community to find, analyze, and invest into promising new projects.

By design, and with the scale of funds available, My Club Trader invests into a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies, digital assets, blockchain start-ups, and optimized mining operations. My Club Trader will never hold its funds on any exchange and will instead hold all crypto-assets into an escrow smart contract holding the private key of our cold storage wallets. Diversified holdings across all major verticals of the cryptoworld. Decentralized voting for investment into projects.

My Club Trader is the only hedge fund which aggressively invests a sizeable portion of its funds in marketing to lucrative benefits. Large portion of profits will be distributed to My Club Trader investors as well as the immaculately committed promoters as dividends. My Club Trader is the most transparent hedge fund where anyone can independently verify the entire investment portfolios.

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